Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Turn My Swag On

Here at Bear Down Chicago Bears it's widely believed that if you don't have anything to write about Roy E Will, you probably don't have a story worth writing. That's why it's been almost an entire month since the last post. But after Roy's brilliant game against the Vikings this past Sunday, I had no other choice but to get it rolling again. You're probably asking, "What the hell was so brilliant about Roy Will's performance this week?".

Sure, he only had 3 catches for 50 yards and did not find the end zone. But with each one of those catches, he was able to pick up a first down. More importantly, with each one of those first downs he was able to accumulate another FDC, bringing his season total to 7.

Ok, so I'm not 100% sure that he did, in fact, officially celebrate each one of those first downs. The geniuses at NBC decided to change cameras at the exact moment when he was getting ready to swag it out, leaving us wondering whether or not he did his thing. However, knowing Roy Will as well as I do, I can guarantee you he not only managed to pick up his 5th FDC of the year on his first catch, but he went 3-for-3 on the day by celebrating each and every first down that he caught against Minnesota. It was nice to see Roy get some facetime after being somewhat invisible the previous few weeks.

After missing week 2 against the Saints with an injury and being held without a catch in week 3 against the packers, Williams was able to pick up his fourth FDC of the year in a week 4 win against the Panthers. Although he caught another first down against the Lions on Monday Night Football, being the class act that he is, he decided against the celebration as the Bears were well on their way to losing the game.

If you can read trends, you can see that in games where Roy Will has a major impact (ie: celebrates one first down catch) the Bears are undefeated (3-0). Not only are the Bears unbeatable when he picks one up, but when he has 3 or more the Bears are averaging 34.5 points per game and look to be a dominant force. Somebody needs to get word to Mike Martz that Roy E Williams is the impact player that we were expecting, you just gotta put him in a position where he can turn his swag on.

Bear Down Roy Will

Roy E Williams Career FDCs: 7

Week 7 vs TB over/under: 2.5 FDCs